Delivering High Design, High Value for Higher Education Projects

Inside Evolutions provides high design, high value product solutions and experience to a variety of education projects: K-12 and higher-ed. We represent some of the best lines in the industry so we can support our dealership and design community partners with superior communications, technologies, people, and processes. Many of our lines are covered by local, state, and national buying groups and purchasing contracts; all offer purchasing opportunities for major projects.

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KI Furniture and Architectural Walls for Higher Education Interiors from Inside Evolutions

KI Furniture and Architectural Walls for Higher Education Interiors

We're at the forefront of new ways to design and deliver responsive educational space - space innovations that complement today's current educational concepts and university furniture that supports the learning environments of the future. We create university furnishings suited for fluid environments that support a variety of interactive and engaging activities - from teaming, projects, presentations and discussions to individual research and reflection, and yes, even lecturing. We can help you design campus and learning spaces that reflect the growing importance of innovation, collaboration and creativity as found in professional environments.

From cyberspace to physical space, we understand the needs of higher learning. We can provide university furniture for classrooms, computer labs, auditoriums and lecture halls, libraries and media centers, administration, lounges, cafeterias, and residence halls - all designed to meet the versatility and technological needs of students, faculty and staff.

Available Purchasing Contracts: Buyboard, TXMAS, GSA, National IPA, Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) and TCPN.

Pallas Textiles for Higher Education Interiors from Inside Evolutions

Pallas Textiles for Higher Education Interiors

Pallas Textiles fuses the art of weaving with today's modern techniques and fibers. This results in sophisticated, stylish, and timeless solutions for upholsteries, panel fabrics, and cubicles that continually evolve in color, pattern, and texture. Our collections include several special finishes and yarns designed to improve comfort, performance, protection, cleanability, or sustainability within the university facilities. Our offering includes a broad spectrum of high-performance textiles that inhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria such as E. coli and Staph as well as other microbes to help learning, working, and living spaces to be healthy spaces.

Koleksiyon for Higher Education Interiors from Inside Evolutions

Koleksiyon for Higher Education Interiors

Based on its key guiding principles and forty years’ experience, Koleksiyon designs are based on a profound knowledge of culture, history and geography. Koleksiyon’s team consists of architects, engineers, technical managers, and specialized craftsmen – 500 strong – who all contribute to the vast volume and ease of production in our factory. Koleksiyon manufactures furniture and designs for cultural and business centers, residential and hospitality facilities, corporate offices, and home environments.

TenJam USA for Higher Education Interiors from Inside Evolutions

TenJam USA for Higher Education Interiors

TenJam products are engineered for use in high-traffic spaces and are often selected for schools, healthcare, corporate social areas, libraries, museums, hotels, restaurants, auto dealerships, and other public spaces to furnish their indoor and outdoor common areas.

We love the products we make. We love the positive reaction people have to our products. It’s so cool that everyone on our team gives their input on new designs and we get excited to see all the new projects and ideas flying around. With new designs everyone gives input to make sure we are considering raw material yield, quality control, and smart shipping sizes. Our material scientists are constantly working to incorporate more post-consumer recycled materials and improving our proprietary materials and manufacturing processes. We don’t make traditional furniture. We make furniture that is unique, safe, washable, durable, and fun.

Plyboo for Higher Education Interiors from Inside Evolutions

Plyboo for Higher Education Interiors

Plyboo products are ideal for educational institutions for their durability, sustainability, and environmental quality. Higher education is more than a space; it’s an idea and a mission. Smith & Fong, the maker of Plyboo products, believes in sharing knowledge to improve the understanding of bamboo’s potential to address social and environmental challenges. That’s why we have participated in educational discussions nationally and internationally on the complex connections between natural environments and human needs, exploring new models for sustainability and job creation, manufacturing with alternative wood sources and other elements of sustainable design.

Backed by over 20 years’ experience and a firm commitment to a sustainable future, Smith & Fong continues to be the most respected name in bamboo and palm laminated products.

MPS for Higher Education Interiors from Inside Evolutions

MPS for Higher Education Interiors

Maintaining attention in classroom settings can be difficult, as any teacher or professor will tell you. Focus can be equally difficult in large, public spaces such as auditoriums and libraries, and effective privacy can be difficult to achieve in active administration spaces. Studies have shown that when organizations address acoustic concerns, they achieved improved focus by 48% and reduced distractions by 51%, thus making more effective learning environments.